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Gymkaizen Resistance Bands

Gymkaizen Resistance Bands

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Great With Any Workout: At Home or in the Gym

Superior Quality: 100% Natural Latex

Multiple Uses: Sports, Fitness, and Physical Therapy

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These award winning resistance bands provide a great way for individuals to workout. Whether you are at the gym and want to use this to aid in your exercise or your at home and are looking for new way to workout and stay in shape, these resistance bands are a great choice! 

Works Great With: Gymkaizen Pull Up Bar

Easily attach resistance bands to your pull up bar 

Any Exercise You Can Imagine - And Then Some

35 easy exercises to hit every muscle group

Equipment That Grows With You

Set the resistance to whatever level you are comfortable with, all the way up to 25lbs resistance. Need a challenge? Stack all the bands at once for up to 85lbs resistance.

What's In The Box?

5x Resistance Bands (10-40lb weights)

1x Door Anchor

2x Ankle Straps

2x Handles

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